I finally decided to push my project to GitHub. You can find it here: https://github.com/MUnique/OpenMU

About the current state:

It's not complete, and probably there are many bugs left. I didn't connect a real game client to it since years, until a few days ago - and then not again. So I don't recommend to try it out at the moment, if you're not a developer. However, I will try to fix them as soon as I have more time.

You can find the implemented game features here: Progress.md

Apart of that, this server has some unique features, which I have never seen somewhere else at a MU Online server:

  • Web user interface
  • Live map over web interface
  • Completely customizable character attributes (damage etc.); not just configurable multipliers of some formulas - you can change the whole calculation graph of any character attribute. And for example, you could add new attributes like strength, agility, etc. just by adding some configuration data.
  • All-in-One server executable: It's possible to start the whole server system (multiple game servers + connect server etc.) in just one process. However there is no limitation to scale out - just some missing code :)
  • Possible support of multiple client versions working on the same game server (in Progress)
  • A working chat server

As a result of my chat server research, I will release a ChatServer.exe replacement for existing mu servers soon - code should be already finished :)

My next steps will adding GitHub issues to all the open points (known bugs) and missing features. So please, at the moment, don't add such issues yourself.