Hey, I guess you wondered why it takes so long until I put my stuff on GitHub. I hope you understand, that I don't want to put some broken stuff online - I think most people will try it one time, see nothing works, and never look at it again ;)

Well, there are several points I want to do until I can put it online:

Writing some documentation

As a professional developer myself, I wouldn't feel good if I would just put some code on GitHub without any documentation how everything works in general. I want to provide a documentation so that potential contributors don't have to figure out all by their self.

Making basic game mechanics work

Actually, I didn't connect to my server emulator with a real game client since years, until some days ago. I was excited that some stuff worked pretty well, but of course a few little bugs here and there are spoiling the fun.

Finishing a basic web live view

The server got a really nice feature, which is probably unique under all MU Online server implementations. It offers a web interface to spectate what's happening on a map. It's possible to see monster and player movements, player attacks (you could spot hackers pretty easy). In the future (not for the first release ;)), a lot of other visualizations could be added, like buffs, skill effects, public chat messages and so on.

In general, this live map works, but there are still some minor issues.

Here's a little preview of a rendered map: